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yard to table Recipes

Growing your own food is such a wonderful way to connect with nature, feed our souls as we nurture our gardens, and then eventually feed our bodies with our bounty.  But, what do we do with the food that we have grown?  Here are a few of our favorite recipes that feature fresh, seasonal produce from the garden (or farmers market).  Most of the recipes here are adapted from our large collections of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, with changes made to suit our tastes and dietary restrictions (see the resources section).  Many of them have been altered over the years and the source or inspiration has been lost along the way as they are our tried-and-true recipes that we love.  They are all organized by season to help you find things to cook with what you have in your garden right now.

We hope you enjoy our recipes and are inspired to make the most of your yard to table lifesstyle.  Please drop us a note with any suggestions, feedback, or comments.  Or if you want to share a harvest recipe you love we would like to hear about it!  Happy gardening, cooking, and enjoying your harvests!!   

 xoxo Karin

cooking & eating with the seasons

Fresh Kale
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