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Celebrating local, sustainable, and organic produce we specialize in sharing the joy of growing your own food by creating & maintaining edible gardens. We believe that teaching others how to grow their own food at home is the key to healthier & happier people, community, and environment.  

Located in Marin County, California we serve clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are many diverse microclimates. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each location, site, and client. We love what we do and can’t wait to help your garden come to life in this coming season and throughout the year.  Let Yard To Table help you live a more sustainable, healthy, and fulfilling life through gardening & growing food!


Our Services

We are passionate about healthy living through locally grown food.  We provide consultations, design, installation, garden coaching, and maintenance of your modern homestead tailored to your specific micro-climate in the San Francisco Bay Area. We create a variety of edible gardens, including raised-bed kitchen gardens, pollinator & herb gardens, and fruit-tree orchards.  Garden coaching and edible landscape maintenance are also available on an hourly basis.  We also provide backyard chicken consultations to help empower people to raise a healthy, free-range backyard flock for fresh, local, organic eggs. Let us help you harvest local, sustainable, organic & delicious food right outside your door!  

Organic Vegetables

 Garden Design Consultation

Every consultation begins with your vision for the garden space.  We will explore your space, analyze sun exposure, and work with you to find the optimal placement of your garden. We will discuss design elements of your home, experience, and your garden goals, as well as what edibles you’d like to grow and what you like to eat!

Organic garden  Maintenance

Keep your modern homestead healthy, productive, and beautiful. We provide organic care and maintenance for your edible plant gardens.

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DIY raised-bed Garden Kit

If you want to have a successful start to your garden, but prefer to take a more hands-on approach this is the package for you.  Get your own ready-to-grow Yard To Table supplies delivered to your door.  It includes everything you need to have a productive, beautiful, and delicious garden!

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 Garden coaching & renovation

Do you have an edible garden, but need some help? Is your summer garden looking tired and you don't know what to do next?  We can provide some guidance to help you figure-out what went wrong and where to go from here.  We provide seasonal planting plans, soil testing and amending, and other coaching & support services to help you get your garden growing.  Services are customized to your needs and desires.

Backyard Chickens

​​Have you dreamed of having fresh, organic eggs every morning but don't know where to begin?  We have been backyard chicken farming for over 10 years and can share our wealth of knowledge with you regarding chicken coop design, placement, and plans; the best chicken breeds; and supplies needed to begin & maintain your flock.  ​

"Growing your own food greatly reduces your carbon footprint by virtually eliminating the need for transportation, packaging, and storage."

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