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What To Plant in July in Your Edible Garden

Can you believe it is already July? It feels like the summer weather has just begun and we are just getting started!

Are you wondering what to plant this month in Marin County? There are still Summer crops to plant as well as some Fall favorites to get started.

A few important tips for planting in the warmer months are:

  1. Make sure your soil in your planting area and in your seedlings is moist before planting.

  2. It is best to plant early in the morning or in the evening, so it’s not in the heat of the day.

  3. Water your starts or seeds well after planting.

  4. Water your new plantings every day until they are established because the root system is small and will dry out quickly in the sun & heat.

  5. During a heat wave you can use shade cloth or patio umbrellas to give your young plants some protection.

Do you have gardening questions? Do you want to learn more? Send me an email and I would be happy to help! Or connect to my website to find out about our services @ Thanks for being a part of your Yard To Table community!

Happy Harvesting,


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