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What To Plant in Your September Kitchen Garden

It is time to start the seasonal switch in your Kitchen Garden here in Marin! It always feels too early as my beefsteak tomatoes are just turning red, peppers are thriving, and it still feels like summer outside. I am usually not ready!

If you have fields to plant on a large property there is space to keep your summer garden growing and plant a fall garden having both simultaneously. But, in the kitchen garden where space is more limited we have to make a switch sooner than feels right most years.

The good news is that you don't have to switch out everything at once! You can pull out plants that are looking tired and done; the plants you are getting tired of; and the plants that are taking up too much space (aka zucchini (o: ). Then, you can start filling those spots with cool-season vegetables. I like to begin with the vegetables that are best planted in September and not later, such as anything in the Brassica family, or things that I am craving!

What are you excited to plant in your cool-season garden here in Marin? I would love to hear about it! Shoot me a DM, email, or text.

Happy Harvesting!


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