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Harvest Garden Journal: Storing Your Harvest

There is nothing like eating a ripe tomato fresh off of the vine or spring salad greens freshly cut from your raised bed garden. However, we can't always eat all of our harvest as soon as we pick it and how you store your fruits and veggies can make a huge difference in the flavor, texture, and the shelf life of your treasures. Luckily, there are best practices for storing your produce beyond harvest time. Whether you already have a kitchen garden or you buy your produce at the farmers market or store I hope that these storage tips will help you get the most from your harvest. Feel free to hang it on your refrigerator or somewhere handy so you always have the freshest & tastiest produce on your plate! Look for more gardening tips, coupons, and helpful information in your mailbox soon....and feel free to reach out with questions or to schedule a garden consultation. I'd love to help!

Happy Harvesting!


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