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March In The Marin Edible Garden

It is March and we are definitely still in storm season as I write this in 2023 here in Marin County. Although our "last frost date" in Marin County is February 5th, there is still a 30% chance temperatures can dip below freezing after this date. Historically, March is when Marin starts to warm up but still gets precipitation, with the worst of the cold behind us. However, this winter has been colder & wetter than the "norm", so you will want to be keeping tabs on the weather as you are planting and filling out your spring garden this month. It is also an exciting month for indoor seed starting here in Marin. So, get ready for your warm/hot season veggies by growing your own starts inside! As usual, our list is a general list for Marin County (and much of the Bay Area), but know your microclimates! Be sure to about your area & your yard's microclimates. This can dictate when it's time to plant different varieties in your garden space. Have fun planting this month! If you are in need of garden support we would love help, so reach out!

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